Hart Rate @ The Dog House

  HART RATE @ THE DOG HOUSE Hart Rate is excited to announce the partnership between Hart Rate Training & Fitness & The Dog House. The Dog House fitness club based in central Balham specialises in Spin and Box HIIT classes in a social friendly environment. Not only do they have the great trainers and facililites they […]

Hart Rate HIIT Session #1 at The Altitude Centre

Get High!   Last Saturday  The Altitude Centre saw 7 participants join me in trialling out ‘The Workout’ that will be taken to Everest Base Camp this December in attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for Highest Altitude Fitness Class. After some negotiation and upon receiving conformation from Guinness World Record Officials ‘The Official […]

Hart Rate Training & Fitness Fuelled by TRIBE

Hart Rate is excited to announce TRIBE Natural Sports Nutrition is the main sponsor fuelling the World Record attempt of the Highest Altitude Fitness Class at Everest Base Camp this December! TRIBE products are great tasting natural adventure food supplements providing us with all the macro and micronutrients we need in preparation and during our venture. To […]

Hart Rate HIIT Sessions at The Altitude Centre

Hart Rate and LIVESMART are excited to announce that in preparation for the Guinness World Record Attempt for The Worlds Highest Altitude Fitness Class Hart Rate will be running promotional HIIT style workouts at “The Chamber” which simulates 2700m above sea level at The Altitude Centre here in London. These work outs will be used as a […]

Training for Everest: Fitness Training Log

A post shared by Hartrate Fitness™ – Lee Hart (@hartrate_fitness) on Oct 24, 2017 at 10:35am PDT What a pleasure it is to be working with The Altitude Centre in preparation for this World Record Attempt. See video of me training in “The Chamber”, here I am finishing a brutal set of repeated sprints at […]

The World’s Highest Fitness Class!

Hart Rate and Livesmart will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for hosting the world’s highest altitude fitness class at Mount Everest Base Camp on Friday 29th December 2017.