Hart Rate HIIT Session #1 at The Altitude Centre

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Last Saturday  The Altitude Centre saw 7 participants join me in trialling out ‘The Workout’ that will be taken to Everest Base Camp this December in attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for Highest Altitude Fitness Class.

After some negotiation and upon receiving conformation from Guinness World Record Officials ‘The Official Workout’ has been settled.

The basic requirements state:

  • A minimum of 5 participants must complete the full workout
  • Workout should have at least 5 different exercises
  • Duration should be at least 30mins
  • Supply video evidence
  • Written individual & expert witness statements
  • Recorded altimeter readings

Upon receiving this information I have structured a HIIT style workout that will consist of 10 exercises with a work/rest ratio 1:1 (30 seconds on – 30 seconds off) this will be repeated 3 times which will reach the required time of 30mins.


Everest HIIT Workout

1, Star Jumps

2, Press Ups

3, Lunges

4, Mountain Climbers

5, Squats

6, Tricep Dips

7, Russian Twist

8, X Jumps

9, Shadow Box

10, High Knees


Repeat 3 times in succession with 1:1 ratio 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. 


Saturday 11th of November saw us trial this workout in the chamber simulating 2700m above sea level which is roughly half the height of Everest Base Camp.

Taking this into consideration I halved the rest time and added on 15 seconds to the work section making our work/rest split 45 seconds on 15 off making the workout more specific to what we will be facing at EBC.

The crew were very anxious upon entering the chambers where heart rate monitors where fitted and synced to the big screen for all to see!

The first round of workout went smoothly the class were performing movements with a high tempo moving dynamically up until middle section of second round where it started to get tough!! However we all dug deep and with the end in sight we all got there completing the workout by the skin of our teeth!

In terms of fitness I personally feel like I have a long way to go building my aerobic capacity up for the 9 day walk into EBC  I also need to develop my muscular endurance to complete this workout at 5380m above sea level were available oxygen will be a half of what I am breathing now at sea level where I write this!!

If you are interested in trying this workout please contact me directly or stay tuned to this page for your chance to experience a Hart Rate HIIT Session at The Altitude Chamber.



All the best!


Lee Hart

Hart Rate Training & Fitness







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